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    We provide general naval repairs and services of marine safety equipments as follows:
  • Repair or calibration

  • Certifications

  • Electronics, electrical, and engine repair

  • Welding

  •  Mechanical services in general

  • Automatic - Radio Survey  Repair

  • Calibration & Repair of Gas Detector / Dynamometer / Hermetic Utimeter / Temperature Calibrator / Manometer / Vacumeter 

  • Afloat repair


    We also provide you with a professional team of Divers for the following Services:
  • Underwater Inspection

  • Underwater Repair

  • Underwater Polish

  • Underwater Cleaning


     Our Technicians will go on board in order to meet all your needs and give you our best       quotation working in any kind of technical services you might need.

     We have the following Services on-board as well:
  • Repair of alternators and any size and capacity of electric motors (Motor Rewinding)

  • Bridge, Deck, Engine, Stationary and Cabin Stores

  • Bridge, Radio & Navigation Equipment Services, - Renewal and Repair

  • Electricals and Pneumatic Tools

  • Electronics Services and Equipment

  • Gases, Lub-oil and Marine Paints

  • Hoses and Couplings

  • Lashing and Unlashing Materials

  • Repair of Marine Refrigeration Systems (meat,fish,vegetables room) supply/ freon,R22. 

    We also work with spare parts supplies and safety               equipment



   Paranaguá Repair is a company dedicated to provide naval repairs, and is situated in the city of Paranagua, also working in neighboring ports. Our company prioritizes quality, performance, acting with full respect and transparency on all our services.

   Our performance is a reflection of supplier's ability to provide materials and services in order to meet the frequently demanding schedule. Our vendors are considered business partners and not just commodity providers.

   We are committed to provide vessel´s maintenance, repairs, overhaul and conversion services that is unsurpassed in the industry. We work tirelessly to improve both our facilities and our capabilities in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.




For any further more information, questions or comments, please call: +55 41 99765-4991 , or fill out the form below:

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Our full style as follows:



+55 41  99765-4991

Eduardo R. Mendes

+55 41 99917-2400

Jhon Fusilero


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